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Since 1979 the Rothesay Chiropractic Centre has specialized in optimal health and the
cause and prevention of disease emphasizing the biology of wellness.

Our areas of specialty include the treatment of acute and chronic conditions especially aches and pain with spinal and joint manipulation, muscle stimulation, exercise, diet and nutritional chemistry and above all education. As well, when indicated, supportive aids including vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies.

When body tissue is being irritated it creates discomfort. It is our objective to find the irritation, remove it and provide you with the understanding and ability to prevent it.

Such conditions as low back pain and headaches have been researched and demonstrated to be most effectively corrected by spinal manipulation. Other conditions, in our clinical experience, such as hip, leg, knee, ankle and foot pain also have excellent results, as well as, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist and hand. In fact, most aches and pain exist because muscles and joints don’t move properly. It is simply applied biology to restore that movement by manipulation
and exercise.

Our office also provides as an educational service, a lending library, a wellness newsletter and e-mail. This newsletter is available in written form from our office or as e-mails which are sent periodically and available in the office as written handouts.

Further, it is our many years of experience that many health problems of young children can easily be prevented and corrected by the use of spinal manipulative therapy and diet. In particular, we offer to active patients an assessment and instruction in preventing postural problems in children especially (scoliosis) spinal curvature screening.

For those who wish to have a more in depth understanding and ability to correct chronic health problems we also provide a computerized laboratory analysis of the urine and saliva with computer generated blood values. It involves collecting urine and saliva samples in the morning after a 12-hour fast and measuring acidity (hydrogen ions) energy (redox or electron exchange) and congestion (resistivity). The results of this cell chemistry analysis give objective indicators of body fluid acidity, digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination, congestion, cell energy production and immune function.

It is our intent to help to the degree you wish, to the best of our ability.




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